Our Work... An Introduction


We work hard every day to deliver high quality, accessible educational programmes, both full-time and part time, to young people and children from the tea estates surrounding Maskeliya, Nuwara Eliya and Talawakelle region of Central Province, Sri Lanka.

Improving opportunities through academic programmes

One of the main ways we help to create change is to improve the employability of youth and choice of employment options outside the tea estates by facilitating the development of high-standard English language skills and professionalism.

Improving emotional (mental) health and resilience through positive coping strategies

We were struck by the prevalent social issues on tea estates. Alcoholism and substance abuse, domestic and sexual violence, self-harm and suicide are all common issues that many young people live with on a day-today basis. In the face of significant and multi-layered problems in these communities, we are committed to, and facilitate, the development of the emotional health and resilience of young people to enable them to strengthen their positive coping strategies to deal with the complex societal issues that exist in their communities.

Improving self-worth and value through social transformation

Conversations with the young people of these tea communities revealed a feeling of apathy and sadness - most felt they had nothing of value to offer society and this has had a huge affect on their self-esteem and confidence.

We want every person on the tea estates to realise that they are valuable members of society, and can help transform the communities they live into places of happiness and hope.

As a result we are committed to help effect social transformation in tea estate communities by highlighting the importance of community service, and instilling it as a core value in youth through a series of practical programmes. By these programmes we develop the skills of young people to give back to their communities.

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