Volunteer At The School

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact upon the lives of others. This is an amazing opportunity for you to experience the wonders of the tea estates - their beauty, the amazing smiles and generosity of the communities, as well as developing your own skills and expertise. From first-time volunteers looking for a life less ordinary, to serial offenders looking to develop a specific skillset, if you are committed and positive, with a big smile... you are definitely in demand!

As the Centre engages young adults through a variety of programmes and activities, there are many ways you can work to support it, at all levels, whether that’s with the students, staff, management or all three. Some examples of the ways you can help are:

  • Support the staff team/teachers or teach classes depending on your experience and confidence
  • Provide conversational English support in small groups
  • Take responsibility as part of our lovely staff team
  • Attend Community English Programme sessions and chat with local children to help them improve their confidence
  • Mentor a group at our Business Fair to ensure they make the most/learn as much as possible from the opportunity
  • Mentoring for the Talent Show
  • Help with our staff development
  • Get involved with community projects
  • Run team-building activities
  • With specific skills such as HR or IT, you can build our staff team in these areas

We have had volunteers with all kinds of experience, from diverse backgrounds, many different fields and of all ages. There is no limit to how our volunteers can contribute to the Centre. This is a perfect chance to use your skills, experience and time in a way that’s different and memorable.

As a Tea Leaf Vision volunteer, a home stay with a local family in Maskeliya is made available for a small fee. This provides a great opportunity for you to be immersed in Sri Lankan culture.

If you are interested, then please let us know using the contact tab. Thanks!


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