My ten week volunteer experience in Sri Lanka was one of many impressions. Gratitude is the feeling most present when I look back at it now. I learned a lot about the staff and students and their lives, and I appreciate the way they took me in and let me be a part of their team. Their ambitions and eagerness to work and learn was a huge inspiration.

I volunteered at the Nuwara Eliya school where I spend three days a week at the school, and the remaining two days were used for my individual project I did as part of my internship for school, which was the reason for coming to Sri Lanka. The three days at the school were definitely my favourite days of the week and the smiley and positive attitude of the staff always gave me loads of energy. Helping out at the school, attending a graduation ceremony and speech conference and organising a team-building activity day were all events I thoroughly enjoyed.

During a community service project, which is carried out by the students as part of their course, I got to know some of the students a lot better. Even though some things seem hopeless, like the waste problem we were trying to tackle by cleaning up litter, they show the power and courage to make a change within their communities. Besides the great experience I had at the school, Sri Lanka was a wonderful country to travel to and during the weekends I loved going to other places like Ella and Kandy. Even staying around Nuwara Eliya was a joy, as the surroundings are very pretty and just hiking around the area was a nice way to spend time. I recommend everyone who is considering volunteering at Tea Leaf Trust to go for it, and I myself can't wait to go back for a visit.