Our Impact

Ramakrishnan Puwaneshwaren

Tim Pare


Over 200,000 people have benefitted from our initiatives in and around the community

We are working hard to extend our projects into the communities, so that people of all ages benefit from the programme we run.

In the last two years alone, we have had:

8,546 direct beneficiaries - these are people in and around the tea plantations of Maskeliya directly getting support from our projects
81,069 indirect beneficiaries - these are people who benefit from the knock-on effect of our projects. For example, one of our first term projects is to work in the local community to clean areas of the town or make areas safe. As a result of these projects, large numbers of people, from the very young to the elderly benefit as a result

In addition to this our students have:

Raised and donated over £2,200 to those in more need than themselves (this is no small achievement when you know that 80% of our students live on less than $1 a day)
Given 17,479 hours of their time through volunteering on our service projects

Improving academic level

In order for our students to get decent salaried employment they must have an O level grade of A - C in their English. Not many of our students have this when they come to us and so we pay for them to retake whilst they are studying at our centre.

Students achieving Grade A – C pass in their English O-level have increased from 15% to 55%, whilst 93% of our graduates are in full-time employment, training or further education within a year of their graduation.

Students in employment are earning an average of 50% more than they could have achieved before studying with Tea Leaf Trust.

Just to note - in the video you will see a logo for World Vision. In the past we worked in partnership with them but that ended in 2014. We have ALWAYS been a non-faith, non-religious centre and open to all.

Number of young people and community members benefitting from our main projects


*Numbers include beneficiaries from the Nuwara Eliya Centre (started in 2018).

**Due to the Easter Bombings, the Zonal Director for Education cancelled the Community English Programme. It will be restarted in 2020.