Frankie (and Jennie)

My partner Jenny and I made a decision to change paths. We were determined to embrace change and take intermittent breaks from our chosen careers, an array of furloughs as such. One night as we sat together in our flat in Spain, we fortuitously discovered Tea Leaf Vision. From the very beginning we were inspired by Yas and Tim's story, it seemed both righteous and compassionate. After a delightful interview with Carol the TLV Volunteer Coordinator, we were even more convinced that TLV was the volunteer project that we truly wanted to be part of.

By the end of the month we got the confirmation that we had been selected to volunteer. Filled with glee, we vowed to give all we could to the project. Coincidentally it was at this time, that Jenny and I were to marry. We decided that instead of people giving us gifts of cash that rather they should sponsor our Tea Pick with TLV. Arriving in Maskeliya was a hugely enriching experience, the lush green rolling hills, the smiles on everyone's faces the tangible sense of hope.

At the first Monday morning assembly we got to know all the teachers, interns and students. We could immediately tell that everyone was driven by passion and resilience. This became contagious. In the end, we spent a mere three weeks at TLV in Maskeliya, yet it will stay with us for a lifetime. The positive effects that TLV has on the local and wider community is both admirable and essential. I would encourage anyone who believes in people's inherent power to overcome difficult situations and strive to better themselves, to spend at least a few weeks at this unique Sri Lankan sanctuary.