The 6 months that I spent volunteering with TLT was a real eye-opener. I gained exposure and an understanding of different cultures and traditional practices of the mixed surrounding communities and the challenges that marginalised groups face, both socially and economically. My time with TLT was varied and included exploring the vulnerabilities of young people living on tea estates, developing and delivering an emotional health programme in response, working with students to improve their grammar and speech, as well as teaching adult English classes. The role challenged me both professionally and personally, whilst the staff team were an inspiring group of people who were incredibly supportive.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my experience was witnessing the continued progress of students enrolled in the Diploma programme and being apart of an organisation that is dedicated to enhancing the capacities and skills of young people to escape the grinding poverty that many of them face. The staff team are constantly looking for innovative ways in which they can reach out to increasing numbers of children and young people in a way that will make a lasting impact. TLT provides an opportunity to see first-hand the significant and meaningful difference that a small group of people can make to a community with their time, energy, commitment and determination.

Not only was the experience highly rewarding, it also opened the door to a subsequent employment opportunity with a recognised international humanitarian and development charity. For anyone with an interest in young people and international development, I cannot recommend the organisation enough.