In good times and bad, there’s nothing like a good old cuppa. Talking about your holiday, pop the kettle on! In the bad times, it soothes and comforts… well here at Tea Leaf Trust we feel the warmth we get from the humble cuppa should be extended to those who pick it. From dawn to dusk, nearly a million women in Sri Lanka will do battle with searing heat and angry monsoons just so that we can have something hot and sweet to dunk our Hobnobs in and that’s not all…

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Tea Leaf Trust empowers impoverished  young people from the tea estates through education, employment, and ethic cohesion

“Tea Leaf Vision is the only beacon of light in the darkness which enshrouds the plantation Tamils”

Mr. Chandra Schaffter, Chairman, Tea Leaf Vision’

“I was like a dark sky before I came to TLV, but now I am like a full moon with lot of bright stars. This is the place that gave me the proper meaning of my life.”

Sinduja Tea Leaf Vision Student, 2017


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